locally-grown in sebastopol, california

Boring Farm is a Certified Organic U-Pick Raspberry Farm that’s fun for the whole family.

While “Boring” may be in our name, your next visit is guaranteed to be anything but! Please note that due to the popularity of our farm, reservations are required.

About our u-pick raspberry farm

At Boring Farm, our raspberries are handgrown with an abundance of love
(and without sprays, additives, or fertilizer).

They’re the “pop ’em right in your mouth” no wash needed type.

Come visit our U-Pick farm to pick your own & enjoy the literal fruits of our labor.

happy pickers by the handful

“We had so much fun picking organic raspberries at Boring Farm yesterday. It’s an amazing place and fun for the entire family. We'll definitely be back once we need our raspberry fix again — or just want to enjoy a peaceful day on the farm.”


“Such a fun morning picking raspberries over at the @boringfarm which isn’t so boring.”

Danielle N.

“Rachel is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and spending time picking raspberries at her farm for the past couple of years has been a highlight for my family.”

Eli C.

“Such a magical day with @boringfarm! Time in nature is always medicine.”


“It was so great to visit @boringfarm and pick the best raspberries ever! Flavor is so much more than what we buy from grocery stores! We picked around 10 lb! 🤩


“Hanging out here at Boring farm with the rad Rachel Boring, the most awesome U-Pick raspberry farm and farmer in Sebastopol, California. I hope ya'll get a chance to come visit while the berries are in season! They are sweet, they are delicious, they are red, ripe, and juicey!

Kelli G.

on the farm

Our Commitment

Our raspberries are Certified Organic, sustainably farmed, & yours for the pickin'!

Here at Boring Farm, we farm the old fashioned way.

Committed to sustainable farming, we work with our land and its biodiversity to produce the most nutrient-dense food possible. A true labor of love and practically all done by hand, we eliminate the need for any sprays, additions, or fertilizers. We hope you enjoy the literal fruits of our labors when you come out for red raspberry U-Pick!