Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions on everything from our hours, reservations, Parking Passes, and what to expect when you visit. Click a topic or scroll down to find your answers.

Hours & Reservations

Do I have to make a reservation to come pick raspberries?

Yes, reservations are required.
To make a reservation, please purchase 1 Parking Pass per vehicle.

What are your hours?

For our seasonal Hours of Operation, please visit our Contact page.

Are you only open Saturdays?

Typically yes, with only a few Sunday openings if there are enough berries left over.

How long is the U-Pick season?

Generally some time in May through the start of October.

Parking Passes

What is a Parking Pass?

A Parking Pass reserves a date and time for you and your group to pick berries.
Parking Passes are required.

When can I purchase my Parking Pass?

Parking Passes become available for purchase at NOON the Wednesday before that Saturday’s U-Pick.

I see Parking Passes sometimes referred to as “tickets” or “reservations”. Does this mean I need additional tickets for each person in my group?

No. All you need to be able to pick with us is to purchase one Parking Pass per vehicle prior to your arrival. This is your entire group’s ticket to get in.

Why can’t I buy my Parking Pass before the Wednesday of the same week?

Because berry production comes in waves depending on Mother Nature, we don’t confirm the number of Parking Passes available until we see how many berries we have in the field each week.

Do I need a Parking Pass if I don’t bring a vehicle?

Yes. While we refer to it as “Parking Pass”, all groups must purchase a Parking Pass. Maximum of 6 people per pass.

We do this so that the number of pickers is appropriate for the amount of berries available on any given day. It’s how we ensure there are enough berries for everyone 😉

happy pickers by the handful

“We had so much fun picking organic raspberries at Boring Farm yesterday. It’s an amazing place and fun for the entire family. We'll definitely be back once we need our raspberry fix again — or just want to enjoy a peaceful day on the farm.”


“Such a fun morning picking raspberries over at the @boringfarm which isn’t so boring.”

Danielle N.

“Rachel is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and spending time picking raspberries at her farm for the past couple of years has been a highlight for my family.”

Eli C.

“Such a magical day with @boringfarm! Time in nature is always medicine.”


“It was so great to visit @boringfarm and pick the best raspberries ever! Flavor is so much more than what we buy from grocery stores! We picked around 10 lb! 🤩


“Hanging out here at Boring farm with the rad Rachel Boring, the most awesome U-Pick raspberry farm and farmer in Sebastopol, California. I hope ya'll get a chance to come visit while the berries are in season! They are sweet, they are delicious, they are red, ripe, and juicey!

Kelli G.

Day of Your Visit

What time do I arrive & how long will I be there?

On your Parking Pass, you’ll see a 1-hour timeframe. This is your arrival time, not your pick time. Please arrive during this 1-hour timeframe to get parked and checked in.

Once on the farm, you’re welcome to stay as long as you wish until we close.

What should I wear?

We recommend closed-toe shoes and weather-appropriate clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Keep in mind that we are a working farm with uneven ground so proper footwear will make your visit much more enjoyable.

Can my young child pick?

Yes! All ages can participate in this family-friendly event. We even have a thornless varietal for peace of mind picking!

Can I bring my pet to the farm?

No pets allowed, please. We are a working farm and need all our animals to remain safe.

Can we eat the berries as we pick them?

No, there is no eating or drinking in the raspberry field allowed to maintain sanitary conditions for everyone.

Can we bring wine to have after picking?

No, we are an alcohol-free facility.

Can we swim in your ponds?


Do I have to purchase all of the berries I pick?

Yes. You can pick as much or little as you’d like!

What kind of payments do you accept?

Cash, most credit cards, and Apple Pay.

What else can we do in the area?

We are 10 minutes away from The Barlow in Sebastopol and 20 minutes from Bodega Bay!

Berry Questions

Can we eat the berries as we pick them?

No, there is no eating or drinking in the raspberry field allowed to maintain sanitary conditions for everyone.

How quickly should I consume/freeze my berries?

Within 2-3 days!

Do you sell any pre-picked raspberries?

Unfortunately, no.

Do you grow anything else besides raspberries?

Yes! We grow wheat and rye grains used for bread flour and whiskey distilling. We also raise chickens for eggs and dairy cows.