About U-Pick Raspberries

Want to pick your own raspberries? You’ve come to the right place!

Price per pound

Raspberries are $11.99/lb

Boxes to pick into and take your berries home are provided.

Please note there is an additional fee for parking.
Parking Passes are required & purchased when making a reservation.

How it Works

5 simple steps to U-pick

The first step to picking your own raspberries is to make a reservation.
Then on Berry Pickin’ Day, here’s what to expect. (click the arrows 👇👇)

1. When You Arrive to the Farm

Upon arrival, we’ll scan your ticket at the first tent & then you’ll park.

2. Getting Checked In

Next, you’ll check-in at the tent just outside the raspberry field gate. Here, you’ll get your boxes & important berry picking info.

3. Berry Time!

The time has come! With your box in tow, you’ll head into the raspberry field and pick to your heart’s content! Fill those boxes, enjoy the weather, and enjoy the peace of our beautiful farm.

4. Pay Your Farmer

Once finished, you’ll exit the field and pay for your berries at our white food trailer. And then, dig into those juicy berries!

5. Sit Back & Relax

Feel free to stick around and enjoy one of our many ponds for a delightful picnic or to catch some shade. Don’t forget to say hello to our cows & chickens before you leave.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

happy pickers by the handful

“We had so much fun picking organic raspberries at Boring Farm yesterday. It’s an amazing place and fun for the entire family. We’ll definitely be back once we need our raspberry fix again — or just want to enjoy a peaceful day on the farm.”


“Such a fun morning picking raspberries over at the @boringfarm which isn’t so boring.”

Danielle N.

“Rachel is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and spending time picking raspberries at her farm for the past couple of years has been a highlight for my family.”

Eli C.

“Such a magical day with @boringfarm! Time in nature is always medicine.”


“It was so great to visit @boringfarm and pick the best raspberries ever! Flavor is so much more than what we buy from grocery stores! We picked around 10 lb! 🤩


“Hanging out here at Boring farm with the rad Rachel Boring, the most awesome U-Pick raspberry farm and farmer in Sebastopol, California. I hope ya’ll get a chance to come visit while the berries are in season! They are sweet, they are delicious, they are red, ripe, and juicey!

Kelli G.

on the farm